Role View Resource PropertiesΒΆ

If you click on a row in the table at a role view, you can display detailed information about the role in the properties window.

Role View Properties

The role information can be tracked on the following tabs:

  • Activities

  • Role


Activities for Role

In the No. column you can assign the activities to the selected role by selecting it.

More information about the activities is available here.

The option Only assigned activities reduces the activity list to the activities that have already been assigned.


Role Properties

You can see the properties of the role entered in the resource pool from the tab.

Activities on specific date

Role view on specific date

You can filter out activities that are due on a certain date. If you click with the left mouse button on a cell which is a result of the role line and the date column, you will only get the activities that are in question for the selected period.

Activities on specific date