Working in networksΒΆ

In order to avoid conflicts between resources, all users of the network should share the same resource pool file. After the start Rillsoft Project accesses the resource pool.

You can check below in the left corner of the status bar, where to find your resource pool.

Beispiel - Ressourcenpool in Datenbank

There is a difference between file-based solution and data-based solution (Rillsoft Project with interface to Rillsoft Integration Server).

File-based solution

Resource pool is a xml-file, it is located in the application folder.

For a networking or floating license would be right if this file indicates a network path such as \\Server_Name\Rillsoft Project or a mapped folder e.g. R:\Rillsoft Project. A local path such as C:\Rillsoft Project would be wrong for a floating license.

Change local folder to network folder (it is relevant only for floating license)

If your resource pool file indicates an incorrect (local) path, proceed as follows:

  • Using Windows Explorer copy local Rillsoft folder, where is your resource pool file, to the Clipboard

  • Then paste it into a network folder on the server

  • Click File > Resource pool > File > Select

  • In the dialog open select the inserted Rillsoft folder with resource pool file on the server

  • Set a resource pool file from the Rillsoft folder on the server

  • In the left corner of the status bar, check if your resource pool file uses the correct path.

Rillsoft Project offers a separate file repository, that is, program files are saved in the program folder and user files - in the user folder. During installation all users will be granted full access to the user folder (data folder).

Users do not require a write access for the program folder.

Data-based solution (Rillsoft Project with interface to Rillsoft Integration Server)

Resource pool is saved in a central database.

Beispiel - Ressourcenpool als eine xml-Datei