Assign activities to a team in the view TeamΒΆ

In order to assign activities to a team, do the following:

  • Select the view Start > Resource views > Team.

  • Select the menu item Start > Edit > Filter.

The dialogue box Filter opens.


  • Remove the tick from the check box Offer only used resources for selection to view all teams from the resource pool in the list.

  • You can mark the check box Roles and transfer all teams to the view Team usage. Alternatively, you can mark only selected teams.

  • Click on the button OK.

  • Select a team which you want to assign activities to in the table of the view Team usage. The tab Activities in the window Resource properties lists activities from the project schedule.


  • Mark the check boxes of the activities.

  • Among others, you can define the team usage and effort for an activity.

  • Mark the check boxes of the activities.

  • Click on the button OK.

Team properties during assignation

During the assignation you can refine team properties by controlling and defining the following values for each activity:

  • Readiness of a team

  • Availability of a team

  • Capacity of a team

  • Usage of a team

  • Effort of a team

  • Notes concerning a team.

Activity selection

During the assignation you can determine the activity list by activating /deactivating the following options:

  • Assigned activities only lists only assigned activities.

Activities at a specific date

You can filter activities that are due at a specific date. If you leftclick on a cell showing the result from the row Team and column Date, you will only receive the displayed activities that were defined for this particular time period.