Unassigned resourcesΒΆ

Click on Start > Properties > Info to get a quick overview of activities with unassigned resources


Select the tab Unassigned resources.

In the window Unassigned resources you can find the following information:

Conflikt shows a role effort that has not yet been covered with employees and the assigned role for this effort.

Nr. - activity number

Name - activity name

Effort - general activity effort for all assigned resources

Negativ Effort - shows the difference between an effort assigned to roles and the effort covered by employees. As an example. If a role with 24 Ph (3 AT) is first assigned to an activity and then to an employee who can fulfil this role. However, the employee has a nonworking day over the activity time and can fulfil only 16 Ph (2 AT). The negative effort is 24 - 16 = 8 Ph.

Duration - activity duration

Start - start of activity

Finish - end of activity

Balance - contains the dynamically calculated difference between the requested effort for a role and the summarized effort of the already assigned employees with the same role and qualification. This serves as support during the controlling of the required assignations of employees. A negative value, for instance, indicates that more employees with this role and qualification are required.