New project from templateΒΆ

In order to work with templates, at first, you have to save a project by selecting the menu item File > Save as template.

In order to create a new project from a template, do as follows:

  • Select the menu item File > New > New project from template or New project from Rillsoft Integration Server template.

  • Select the preferred project file in the appearing window.

  • Click on the button Open or Ok.

  • The dialogue Select activities from templates opens.


  • You can use the field Start to define the time the new project should start.

  • You can use the field Finish to define the time the new project should finish.

  • In the marked field Change in all activities, you can change either the Duration or Effort or Output of the marked activities by the Proportionality factor.

  • It lists all activities and subprojects from the template.

  • Mark the activities and subprojects that you want to include in the project.

  • Click on the button OK.