Form a summary project from a split projectΒΆ

You can automatically convert an existing project, which consists of several sub-projects and is to be processed by different teams, into a summary project in Rillsoft Project with an interface to the Rillsoft Integration Server.

In order to convert a project into a summary project, the following Prerequisites should first be fulfilled:

  1. there should be at least one sub-project in the project.

  2. there should be no separate activities at the top project level, i.e. all activities should be subordinate to some subproject.

  3. there should be no added documents at the top project level.

If the above requirements are not met, the function Project > Rillsoft Integration Server > Split Project is greyed out.

To create a summary project, please proceed as follows:

  1. open a project that you want to convert to a summary project.

  2. check whether the project has been converted to a summary project.

  3. If it does, select the menu item Project > Rillsoft Integration Server > Split Project.

Summary project split

  1. In the dialogue window, Rillsoft Project shows us in the Name column how many separate projects the project can be divided into.

Summary project create split

  1. In the Path column, click three dots and select a directory from the virtual directory structure for each project.

Summary project ordner

  1. The corresponding subdirectories for the projects are listed in the Subdirectory column.

  2. By clicking the OK button, the original sub-projects are saved as projects and added to a summary project.

A corresponding message appears and after you click OK, the newly created summary project is opened. Although it looks similar to the initial project, it is not, as a summary project enables multi-user work.