Define formatΒΆ

You can define the bar labelling and colour for activities and subprojects at your convenience.

In order to define the format, do as follows:

  • Activate the tab Format in the window Activity properties.


  • Select the variables you want to integrate into the labelling from

    the list Fields.

You can use the field Bar labelling to define the bar labelling of activities and subprojects.

  • The field Type shows which of the objects - activities or

    subprojects - will be labelled.

  • The field Position shows the position of the labelling.

  • The field Content shows the content of the labelling. Depending

    on the preferred position, set the cursor on the corresponding content field.

  • Enter either the labelling or select a predefined field from the drop

    down list Fields and doubleclick.

  • Click on the button OK.


If several activities are shown in a row, the internal activities can be labelled just below.