Assign documents in the DMSΒΆ

Documents in the DMS (Document Management System) can be assigned only in the database-based solution Rillsoft Project with Rillsoft Integration Server.

To assign documents to a selected activity, please proceed as follows:

Activate the Documents tab in the activity properties window


The Insert button allows you to add a new document to an activity.

If you have already marked a document, you can delete, download and update.

On this tab you can see information divided into two areas.


A document directory structure is shown on the left. The number of documents added is shown in brackets next to a directory name.

When you click on a directory name, you will see a directory content with brief information in the right area.

You can edit documents using the corresponding button:

  • Add

  • Delete

  • Download

  • Update

Drog & Drap You can use this function by dragging selected documents with the left mouse button pressed into the right area.


Manage documents in the project or portfolio

You can manage all documents assigned to a project or portfolio in the Rillsoft Integration Server Document dialog.

Click Project> Rillsoft Integration Server> Project Documents.


Here you can also filter out any documents.