Create subproject

You can create:

  • a new subproject

  • subproject from file

  • subproject from Rillsoft Integration Server template

In order to create a new subproject in the table, do as follows:

  1. Select the menu item Start > Insert > Subproject.

  1. Enter a subproject’s name for in the appropriate row.

Create a new subproject in any area in the Gantt chart

  1. Set the cursor on any area of the Gantt chart, where you want to create a blank Project.

  2. Click with the right mouse button and select from the context menu New Subproject.

Add selected activities to the new subproject

You can add several pactivities to a new subproject doing as follows:

  1. Mark with the pressed left mouse button several activities

  2. Finally, click on Start > Add > Subproject

In this case, the start and finish dates of activities are assumed as the start and the end of the Subproject.