Set and adjust project categoriesΒΆ

Rillsoft Project allows you to summarize project categories in Groups in a flexible way.

In order to set and adjust project categories, do as follows:

  • Select the menu item Start > Properties > Resource.

The dialogue box Resource pool opens.

  • Select the tab Project categories.


  • Create a new group by clicking on the button New group or on the

    row that is marked with an asterisk (*), enter a new group name in the column Group.

  • Enter a specific project categories in this group in the row

    (column Name).

  • You can enter more category ranks in the empty row directly below in the

    column Name, which copies the group name automatically. Note: To change the category name, you need to do this in the first group row, which automatically transfers the group name to all the other saved category ranks.

  • Enter a specific value in the column Code to exchange data with

    other applications.

  • If necessary, enter a note in the field Notes.

  • Click on the button OK.


  • You can search for project categories in the field Filter. Enter the search phrase (or a part of it) in the field.