Set and adjust machinery

The machinery management in Rillsoft Project is very flexible. You can allocate a machine to machine types and to unit prices or to price adjustments.

Manufacturer and machine or device type are then defined within the group. (Example: Lifting davits - Lifting davit type 10 to, Lifting davit type 100 to, etc.

In order to set and adjust machinery,do as follows:

  • Select the menu item Start > Properties > Resource.

The dialogue box Resource pool opens.

  • Select the tab Machinery.


  • Create a new group by clicking on the button New group or on the row that is marked with an asterisk (*), enter a new group name in the column Machine name.

  • Enter a specific value in the column Code to exchange data with other applications.

  • Select the team which you want the machine to be allocated to in the drop down list Working group - team.

  • Select the machine type which you want to be allocated to the machine in the drop down list Machine group - machine type.

  • Enter the costs per hour of the machine in the field Unit price.

  • After a particular date, you can enter either a coefficient for an existing unit price or a new unit price per hour and machine in the field Price adjustment.

  • If necessary, enter a note in the field Notes.

  • Click on the button OK.

Import / export of machinery data

Click on the button Export to export a resource to a TXT file or on the button Import to import resources.

Import / export fields:

  • [ID]

  • [Machine name](required field)

  • [Code]

  • [Working group - team]

  • [Machine group - machine type](required field)

  • [Measurement unit]

  • [Unit price]

  • [Price adjustment]

  • [Notes]

The individual fields are separated by a hash key “#”.

Sample of an import file:   #Construction machines - Dredgers##Demolition dredges - Caterpillar#Pcs.#32.00##


  • You can search for machine names, machine types or the machine code in the field Filter. Enter the search phrase (or a part of it) in the field.