Variance analysis of subproject propertiesΒΆ

If you click on a row in a Variance analysis view in the table, you can have the differences between the current state of a subproject and a state saved in the base plan shown in the properties window.


These deviations can be tracked on the following tabs:

  • General

  • Costs

  • Shared machine types

  • Shared machinery


Variance analysis General

Here are the deviations and a summed difference between planned and current values of a sub-project for

  • start and end dates

  • the effort

  • the duration

can be seen.


Variance analysis Costs

On the Costs tab you can see how large the target-actual deviations are for the resource costs.

Shared machine types

Variance analysis Shared machine types

Here you get an accurate comparison between planned and actual needs for common machine types in a sub-project.

Shared machinery

Variance analysis Shared machinery

Here you get an exact comparison between planned and actual needs for common machinery in a sub-project.