Project-specific Human Resource Capacity Leveling

You can structure employee usage by menu item Start > Outline > Structure using the following criteria:



You can use the **Project-specific Human Resource Capacity Leveling to do the following:**

  • Detect overloaded resources as well as the scale and cause for this event.

  • View the working capacity for each of the resource role per project.

  • Calculate the numbers of work hours that have been assigned to the individual employees per project.

  • Determine the time the employee is available for additional assignments.

Context menu in the Human Resource Capacity Leveling view


  • Show maximum usage per unit of the time – The maximum required number of personnel resources for each of the roles / qualifications per day, week, etc.

  • Show average number per unit of the time - average required number of human resources per day,week, etc.

  • Show effort per unit of the time – Planned effort in employee hours (or employee days, respectively) per day, week, etc.