Dynamic baselineΒΆ

As a project is continually being developed and updated, none of the saved baseline plans, which is only a momentary recording the project status, can provide a complete overview.

Here comes a so-called dynamic baseline plan to help, which is automatically generated from all stored baselines.

The selection of which baseline to use as a reference baseline for each activity is done automatically according to the following rules:

  • If a Completed Percentage of an activity is equal to zero, the last saved baseline in time is taken as reference in a Dynamic Baseline for this activity.

  • For the activities that have a Completed Percentage greater than zero, the base plan selected for each activity is the one that was saved last before the percentage was entered for each activity.

Note: Requirements for a dynamic baseline

  1. Save baselines

  2. Maintain completed percentage or effort

Dynamic baseline

Tip The more baselines are stored in a project, the more accurate a Dynamic Baseline will be. A disadvantage of this is that the size of a project increases with each baseline.