Remove machinery from activitiesΒΆ

You can automatically remove the machines assigned to the activities.

Automatic removal from the machine park consists of two steps. 1:

  1. select machine park resources

  2. select activities

To automatically remove machinery from the activities, please follow these steps:

  • Select the menu item Project > Machine > Remove the machinery from activities.

Remove machinery Menu

The dialogue box Machine deduction - Step 1 of 2: Choice of machinery opens.

Remove machinery choice mashinery

The list includes all the machines you can deduct from activities by selecting them in Step 1.

Machines are grouped together in teams, while machines not being part of a team are shown at the lower end of the list.

  • Machine group-machine type - to which type of machine does the machine belong.

  • Costs - Operating costs per hour.

  • Select the check boxes by the machines in the No. column that you want to deduct from activities. You may also click on the button Select all.

  • Click on the button Continue. The dialogue box Machinery deduction - Step 2 of 2: Selection of activities opens.

Remove machinery choice activities

This list shows you all the activities of the project or portfolio.

  • The activities offered for selection reflect the structure of the project.

  • Click on the check box for the activity from which you want to subtract the machines. You may also click on the button Select all.

  • Click on the button Finish.