Enter subproject properties

In order to define the subproject properties, do as follows:

  • Mark the subproject whose properties you want to enter.

The window Object properties opens.


  • Enter the subproject name in the field Name.

  • Enter the subproject code in the field Code.

  • Mark the check box Define if you don’t want to have the start and finish date of the subproject automatically calculated, but want to define it manually instead.

  • Enter the approximately start and finish dates of the subproject in the fields Start/Finish after you have marked the check box Define.

  • In the drop down list Project calendar select the calendar you want to use for the subproject.

  • Click on the button OK.


  • The field Baseline indicates whether a baseline is being used or not. This feature is defined in the main project.

  • The field Time step indicates which interval is being used. This feature is defined in the main project.